Things To Watch Out For In An Advertisement

Advertisements make products and services most appealing to people through maneuvering many factors to create the most receptive clientele for them.  However, as consumers, we need to watch out for many things in an advertisement. 

·        Colour

You might be influenced by colour without being aware of it!  A series of American studies carried out in 2012 concluded that consumer opinions on a product differ according to the colour scheme of its advertisement.  Red is associated with excitement and blue with competence.  And these colours play an important role in our purchases.

·        Impulse

Ads make us purchase on an impulse.  They let us feel that a purchase is suddenly urgent and most needed.  Not acting on our impulse is tricky.  Whenever you feel the urge to urgently purchase something, take a moment to think about whether you really need it and whether you can manage without it.

·        Assumptions

Advertisements want you to make assumptions such as ‘expensive is good’ or ‘products that successful personalities use’.  Always understand them as just our assumptions and do not try to imitate successful personalities.

·        Emphasis

The emphasis of an advertisement would be placed on how beautiful the actors look, or how successful they portray themselves after using the said product.  However, some of the important matters about the product will be written in fine print on the labels.  Therefore, make sure that you read the fine print on the label before purchasing the item.

·        Emotions

Advertisements play with your emotions.  Songs with nostalgic values, opposite sex finding each other more attractive after using the product are examples of this.  Do not be seduced by advertisements!

·        (Food) Photography

The photography techniques used in advertisements may portray a make-believe world.  Be aware of a glass of milk added with soap bubbles to show freshness and fruits and meat sprayed with chemicals to retain certain colours for the sake of making mouth-watering photographs and video.

·        Charity Contributions

Charity logos and ribbons on products may lead you to think that you make a charitable contribution if you buy that product.  However, in reality it could be that they only pay a licensing fee to use the logo. 

The Principles of Advertising Ethics

The following are some of the principles that govern advertising ethics;

  • The advertising industry should share the objective of truth in maintaining high ethical standards.
  • High personal ethics should be used when creating and passing the information to the public.
  • The advertising industry must obviously distinguish editorial and news content from paid advertising to avoid confusing the public.
  • Advertisers should use discretion and care on the type of advertisements offered and the target audience.
  • Advertisers should comply with the government laws as well as the advertising industry guidelines regarding the advertisement.
  • Advertisers should hold private discussions with all participating members about ethical concerns.

A socially responsible advertising company would fulfill all the above requirements when designing an advertisement for a product or service before it reaches the general audience.  There are many advertisement-designing companies, including full service creative agency brisbane, that follows high standards in serving its clients. 

Therefore, watch the advertisements, and watch out for advertisements in order to find quality products and services.

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